Fly the Choir to Memphis

Some PHS Choir students at the 2015 NW Honor Choir.

Courtesy - PSD

Some PHS Choir students at the 2015 NW Honor Choir.

Lily Brooks, Reporter

Choir is an experience that brings people together and creates ties that will last forever. Through each song and performance, the students become united as they work together to harmonize every note.

Each student comes from a different background and experience. They are all pooled together and become one through the love of music.

Senior Riley Egge has been involved in choir for three years. “I was a freshman rock star boy and was basically forced by the teacher, but it was one of the best decisions I’ve made,” he said.

Whether it’s a teacher or a parent’s suggestion, it comes down to the student’s interest in singing. The love for music is ultimately what stimulates one to join.  “I’ve always been interested in music. I saw Lydia Bill perform, which made me want to be involved,” said junior Adia Fenn, current choir secretary.

These students have a passion for music and for using their voices to create sweet sounds for the ears. This is the first year that this united choir has had the opportunity to go to Memphis, Tennessee.The main purpose behind the trip is for the students to learn and become enriched through a cultural music experience.

Choir teacher Allison Ellis is preparing the students by adding variety to their musical abilities. For this trip, the students are learning gospel style music. They hope to perform in Memphis, though whether they actually will is currently undecided. In addition, they aim to visit colleges while they are in Tennessee, so that the students can expand their options for the future.

If this trip becomes reality, it will occur the first weekend of spring break. It is open to everyone in all choirs, though participation is dependent on each person’s ability to fund him or herself because it is an expensive trip.

Senior Emily Frier has been involved in choir for four years and functions as the treasurer. This trip would be an exciting event for her singing experience. “It’d be a great learning experience,” she said.

This opportunity would enhance the the arts department of our school. “Whenever we go to perform, we aim to build the program and bring a seriousness to fine arts. It tends to be neglected, so there’s not as much funding,” said Egge.

Egge and his fellow choir members have never gone on a trip because of the money struggle for many kids. This trip aims to provide opportunities for those who normally wouldn’t be able to go. As more kids commit to going, the cost per student lowers.

The choir has been funding for this trip through an online coupon book and with apps.  Also, they have raised money by concessions, takeovers of Applebee’s and Yogi’s, car washes, Winterfest, bake sales at concerts, and donations.

Choir students’ next performance is December 10, 2015, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm. The concert will be a great fundraising opportunity to help the students get to Memphis. The bigger the turnout, the larger the chance for these devoted choir students to make it to Tennessee.
“If one person really wants to go, they are able to if they work hard enough and if the choir funding can support them,” said Fenn.