whY cOmmUnities in schools?


Amelia Wright, Reporter

When it comes to making sure that students get exactly what they need to succeed in school and in life, Communities in Schools never gives up. 

Communities in Schools is here to help people. It offers many services that students or families need to be successful. Counseling, dental and medical care, help finding homes, academic help, and the simple act of listening to people’s problems are just a few of the things that they provide.

“I have a passion for education and seeing that students not only get the education that they need, but also that they will get the help they need in life no matter how big or how small the situation is,” said Wendy Wojtanowicz.

Communities in Schools not only helps students achieve success in school and in their lives, but it also ensures that they have a plan for future success when they leave school.

Wojtanowicz was originally in social work. She heard about Communities in Schools and their work, and since she had an interest for both education and social work, she wanted to be a part of the program and all of the important, helpful work that they do.

Wojtanowicz is now part of this program, and she extends its services to Peninsula High School. The program is available at PHS Tuesday through Thursday, from 11am to 4pm. This program offers free help to students and families who need support to succeed in life.

Communities in School’s adapts to meet each community’s needs. Many children face challenges both inside and outside the classroom, and through the program, resources are delivered to these students so that they can go back to focusing on learning.

“Not all schools have this program, but they should,” said Wojtanowicz. “Only six schools in our district have it, but by showing that this program really works through the data that we have collected, we will raise the amount of schools.”

Wojtanowicz and her coworkers measure their success with the results that they achieve for the young students they serve. They use each new piece of information to constantly improve.

“Hopefully, one day all schools will have this program and will be able to give students the help and support they need to be successful not only while they are in school, but afterwards too,” said Wojtanowicz.