“Revival” Brings Music to Life


Riley Rosi, Reporter

Selena Gomez released her new album, Revival, on October 9th. Revival is all about improvement and beginning again, and this is what Gomez’s album is all about.  I think this album is her best one yet; it is about becoming your own person and not paying attention to what everybody else perceives you to be. Almost every song on the Revival album gives a very personal insight into Gomez’s life and what she has gone through. Gomez not only wants to connect with her fans, but she also wants the world to see who she truly is on a personal level.

The song Rise is a song you don’t hear a lot on the radio, but it is one of my favorites. It’s about picking yourself up when you’ve fallen down. Though the song has an upbeat gospel sound, it talks about others trying to shake your confidence and bring you down.  You, as a person, have to rise above the negative and have faith that you can find that peaceful place.

No one, including Gomez, sees him or herself as perfect.  When I first heard Gomez’s Perfect, it caught me off guard.  Personally, I see Gomez as a beautiful woman inside and out.  In this song, Gomez surprised me by singing about how she feels less than perfect when she is with a man who loves another woman. The fact that Gomez sees herself as imperfect and is willing to use music to share that with the world makes her more relatable to the common person.  I appreciate how dedicated she is to her fans.

In my opinion, even if you’re not a huge fan of Gomez, you can relate to the Revival album.  This album portrays so many hardships that people have endured at any given point in their lives. Gomez fully exposes herself as she sings about relationships, heartbreak, hardships, love, faith, kindness and becoming her own person.

In interviews, Gomez says that she has spent her whole life trying to build her confidence.  Now, at 23 years old, she is ready to show the world who she truly is through her new album, Revival.