Savannah Johnson Nails Her Talent


Amelia Wright, Reporter

Hundreds of girls pay around $30-$50 to get their nails done at a salon. However, friends of Savannah Johnson receive the same high quality service for free.

Johnson, a freshman, was noticed for her phenomenal nail art. She has an artistic ability that is very visually appealing to teenagers.

“She puts thought into them and she is neat and precise.” said Ellie Coberly, also a freshman.

When Johnson was younger, she always painted her mom’s nails and realized that she had a love for it. She has spent time honing her ability, creating a talent that she will always be able to use.

“What makes nail art fun for me is that I get to be creative with art and I get to do what I want,” said Johnson.

Many friends and family come to Johnson to get their nails done because her designs are jam-packed with detail, color, and precision. Coberly saw Johnson’s nails at school and thought they were stunning.

“I think she will have a future in nail art, and for now, I think she should get paid when people come to her to get them done because she is so talented!” said Coberly.

Other people have thought the same; five neighbors came to Johnson to get their nails painted and paid her 50 dollars for her incredible designs. Although she has the option to get paid, Johnson doesn’t mind doing her friends’ nail art for free because it is her passion and she loves to do it.

“I think she should get paid because she does professional quality nails, but I like that she does mine for free.” said Johnson’s mother, Stacey Urner.

When Johnson paints nails, she usually takes about an hour or more depending on how intricate the designs are. For a regular design, she uses many tools, such as dotting tools; brushes; cuticle clippers and pushers; and nail files. Johnson uses these tools to create anything from simple dots to more difficult designs like palm trees on a sunset. Sometimes, she will use gems or stickers to add to the design and give texture.

“Personally, I love doing fall designs because of the warm colors and things that make up fall.” said Johnson

Those who have their nails painted by Johnson love some of her other designs.

“My favorite design Savannah has done are her beach nails.” said Coberly. The beach nails look like blue water washing over sand with tiny shells on each nail. Her nails create scenes or objects that really look like the object or scene.

Homecoming has just passed and girls got dressed up and got their nails embellished. Many people felt the need to go to a professional, which can be rather expensive. People could save time and money and still get a professional and gorgeous look by going to Johnson for homecoming and other special occasions.

“What makes them professional are the crisp lines and attention to detail,” said Urner. “Savannah is very creative and skillful at creating nail art.”