Marching Band Gives Final Performance at Homecoming


Cassandra Bundrick

Pictured: Clarinets, Flutes, Drumline, High Brass.

Isabel Forsell, Reporter

The school marching band will perform its last field show on Friday, October 16, at the homecoming football game. After many weeks of practicing, performing, and competing, the band students are more than ready to tackle this event head-on.

Originally, the marching band was not scheduled to perform at the halftime show, as the regular marching band season ended last Saturday. However, Band Director Justin Ehli said he thinks that performing will be a positive experience, for it will get the community excited and educate the middle schoolers joining pep band what marching band is all about.

“I think our field show is really fun this year,” said Ehli. “I think it will represent a successful end to the season…a good close.”

Nevertheless, not all marching band members are too eager to conclude the season.

“I’m…a bit sad because it’s our last show,” said freshman Siobhan Keenan. “Marching band is the time I get to hang out with my upperclassmen friends who are in symphonic band the rest of the year. Now I’ll barely see them!”

The final performance is especially likely to have an emotional impact on seniors.

“It feels like I’m losing a big part of myself,” said senior Samantha Gilbertsen. “I’m excited, but I’m also sad because I’m going to miss all my band family members.”

There is no doubt that seniors will miss the band family dearly. Emotions will be haywire, tears will be shed, and memories will be made as the marching band takes to the field one last time.

“Thanks for all your hard work and dedication…this is the most fun I’ve had in marching band, and it’s because of the students,” said Ehli.

As they march onto the field for their final performance, the seniors are sure to hold their heads high and beam with pride.

“This may be our last year,” said Gilbertsen, “but we’ll always have the memories and we’ll always have each other.”