Seahawks Fight Valiantly at Fishbowl


Cassandra Bundrick.

Peninsula fell to the Tides 14-40 at the 2015 Fishbowl. The official record now stands at 19-16, GHHS leading.

Lucy Arnold, Editor in Chief

At seven in the evening on Friday, September 4, the Seahawks faced off against the Gig Harbor Tides at Fishbowl, the most celebrated football rivalry in Gig Harbor. As in the past, the game was held at Peninsula’s Roy Anderson Field, even though the Tides and Seahawks were the home and visiting teams, respectively.

By the end of the first quarter, the Tides scored their first touchdown of the game to give a score of six to zero. The Hawks eventually rallied to score a touchdown of their own in the first half of the second quarter, but the Tides responded by scoring their second and third touchdowns when there was still plenty of time before halftime. The blue team also scored a fourth touchdown less than two minutes before the break, leaving the score at 26 to six.

All of the players intensified their game when they returned from halftime, but the Seahawks’ efforts ultimately fell short. During the second half of the third quarter, the Tides scored two more touchdowns (making a total of six Tide touchdowns for the game) to raise the score up to 40 to six.

Peninsula continued to fight, finally scoring a second touchdown with five minutes left in the fourth quarter. However, in the final minutes of the game, neither the Hawks nor the Tides were able to score again, so the game ended with a score of forty to fourteen.

Although the Tides were victorious this time, Seahawk pride remains high. After all, there is always next year…