Trivia Crack is whack


Brandon Campbell, Reporter

In many regards, Trivia Crack can be perceived as being quite comparable to the typical trivia game: Questions are asked, answer choices are given, and frustration ensues following each wrong answer chosen. Trivia Crack has rapidly gained popularity and become the trivia game of choice, especially among high schoolers. The game implements a two person, 1v1, competition-like setting making play against friends extremely fun.

Etermax is the Buenos aires based company behind Trivia Crack. Having previously created apps such as ‘bingo crack,’ ‘Trivia Fans’ and other similar titles, Trivia Crack was not out of etermax’s comfort zone .

The game itself provides exceedingly addictive gameplay, perhaps this is the reason for the title ‘Trivia Crack’. The main goal of the game is to possess all six characters. A character is a comic depiction of a category of questions, those being Entertainment, Art, Sports, Science, History and Geography.

Gaining a character can be a lengthy, challenging and very frustrating ordeal. The general process goes as followed.

First, you spin the wheel. The wheel lands on one of seven sections, each corresponding to a category of questions. A four answer choice, multiple choice question is then presented with an allotted 30 seconds to answer. If the question is answered correctly, you get a chance to repeat the process and answer another question. This procedure continues until one of two things happens: you answer incorrectly giving your opponent the chance to spin the wheel; or you answer three correctly in a row and are given the opportunity to win a character. To win a character you can either answer a single question from any category correctly, or you can challenge for one of your opponents characters by betting a character of your own. In a challenge, rather than there being a single question asked, there is a series of questions from all of the categories. Both you and your opponent have the chance to answer the questions. Whoever answers the most correctly wins.

What truly makes Trivia Crack addicting is being able to play against friends in a 1v1 up close and personal fashion. Inarguably, winning is always a good thing. Being able to brag about winning to the person you beat is an even better thing and Trivia Crack provides the means of doing so very effectively. The possibility of post-match banter and friendly (hopefully) trash talking makes each trivia question seem that much more important. It makes it so one will spend that extra little bit of time attempting to figure out which of the four answer choices is most correct.

Many have tried to rid themselves of their (trivia) crack addiction, uninstalling the app while repeatedly reassuring themselves that the game was not worth the frustration, was not worth the countless hours of time invested. But then, the underlying competitive spirit awakens, the desire to beat perpetrators of Trivia Crack banter is revived, and Trivia Crack is once again downloaded.

Rather surprisingly, Trivia Crack’s popularity has been dwindling as of recently. Many have seemed to grow less fond of the game. But as long as there is a vocal instigator of Trivia Crack related trash talk still around, you can count on finding the app installed on devices of the majority. Even if not played, Trivia Crack will always be there calling you back for more.