New principal at Peninsula


Rachel Smith, Reporter

Tim Winter, one of Peninsula’s most  liked principals will be leaving the school after 13 years to go to his new job as a superintendent in Eastern Washington. There were numerous interesting candidates, a total of 13 applications were turned in while only 3 were interviewed.  A large quantity of students and faculty members helped interview the candidates in order to see if they would be a good replacement for Winter.

After a long period of time the new principal of Peninsula high school was chosen as Dave Goodwin. Goodwin is currently the principal of Henderson Bay high school and while Winter finishes out the year at Peninsula, Goodwin will be stepping up to fill the position for the 2014-2015 school year. Goodwin has had 20 years experience working with students and was the assistant principal at Peninsula in prior years. While no one can compare to principal Winter, Goodwin was chosen because of the qualities he possesses which are similar to Winter’s.

“He was the most awesomest…he’s all the things students like,” Winter said.

Winter, having past experience working with Goodwin, feels confident in his ability to work with the students and staff. As the new school year approaches students are sad to see Winter leave the school but Goodwin is sure to make the upcoming school year the most awesome it can be.

“People will really like him, he’s a fun guy, he’ll make you laugh, he’s the perfect choice,” said Winter.