Pink Gloves Boxing Class kicks into action

A fist is raised and a loud sound echoes throughout the air, the punching bag swaying back and forth in response to the blow. Throughout Gig Harbor, a number of new stores and local businesses have been added, one of which includes the Pink Gloves Boxing Class. The boxing class is offered through Gateway Fitness, allowing community and non-community members to improve their health  through the program.

“Pink Gloves Boxing  is a non-contact fitness program in which participants learn competitive boxing techniques and work with goal setting and goal getting. It is built in a tier system which gives direction and motivation to accomplish fitness and personal goals,” instructor and creator Michelle Knurr said.

The class is only available to women and is offered two days a week throughout the month of May. After May the class has a different schedule, and is offered different times throughout the summer. The schedule fits both an adult and student schedule, offering the class at varying times in order to meet both needs.

“Pink Gloves Boxing is currently offered Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:30 am and 7 pm at Gateway Fitness until May 21. The summer schedule will run from June 3 until August 22 and will be offered Mondays and Wednesdays at 7 pm, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:30 am.Also, there are currently two Tier One sessions available. In summer, there will be two sessions available, and the tiers will be combined,” Knurr said.

The class does not have a restriction on age. The main focus is to have participants grow in their fitness ability. Therefore, Pink Gloves Boxing class is available to children, teens, and adults; any age group. womens-boxing-class

“My youngest participant was nine years old, and my oldest participant was over 50. The cool thing about this program is that it is applicable to any age group and is safe for those still growing, or those who are focusing on maintaining strength and muscle mass,” Knurr said.

Due to the flexibility of the age limit and the exercises and boxing techniques the Pink Gloves Boxing class provides, the class has grown in its popularity. Knurr is currently offering a coupon through Groupon, so the Pink Gloves Boxing is available at a cheaper price, helping the class to grow in the number of participants.

“Since introducing Pink Gloves Boxing to the Gig Harbor community in January I have three participants. However, since running a Groupon I have over a dozen members who are regularly attending classes,” Knurr said.

The class has different prices for participants that are members and non-members of the Gateway Fitness center. The price includes various exercises for Tier One. However, if participants plan on continuing to move up tiers and advance in their skills and abilities they must pay an additional price.

“The first class is always free. Pink Gloves Boxing is a tier system and the tiers are based on 16 week sessions. After completing Tier One for 16 weeks (two times per week for 60 minutes), you then have a physical and mental test to complete before entering into the next tier. Each test day you are rewarded with a new piece of equipment and certificate of accomplishment. The mental tests are completed within the session and include setting a goal, reflecting on it and sharing it with the class. Once these tasks are completed, you then gain entry into Tier Two; you can go as high as Tier Seven. Each tier becomes more complex with punch combos and exercises learned, and physical tests to perform, illustrating the personal gains you have made each tier you move up. Each tier costs $299 if you are a member of Gateway Fitness, or $359 if you are not a member,” Knurr said.

Participants that sign up for the class for the first time receive benefits concerning equipment.

“When participants sign up for Pink Gloves Boxing for the first time, they will need to purchase a kit bag. The kit includes boxing gloves, the Pink Gloves Boxing manual, wraps, key chain and bracelet. This is a one time purchase. However, I offer the first ten participants to sign up and get it free,” Knurr said.

The different tiers that are offered help participants to grow in their boxing skills and feel confident in their abilities. Participants are able to due to the increasing intensity of the various tiers.

“Each class through the tier builds on each other in terms of complexity. The punches are taught through a number system 1-8, and you will learn each punch the first week of classes then branch into footwork and defensive moves. After getting the basics down, you learn 3 punch combos, 5 movement drills and will even create your own combo. Goals for each class change each day depending on what new move or combination is being taught. It’s not about what you can do; it’s about improving what you can do,” Knurr said.

“Pink Gloves Boxing is definitely more than just a group exercise. It incorporates so much more than just a workout by empowering individuals and creating a sense of community. If you are looking for something that is fun and easy to adhere to look no further,” Knurr said.



If you are interested in learning more information for the women’s Pink Gloves Boxing class contact Michelle Knurr at, call 262-370-3102, or check out the program at