Adventure to Europe sets sail spring break 2015

Rachel Smith, Reporter

europe2There are few times when the opportunity to go on a trip to another country is offered, especially through the school.  During spring break 2015, French teacher, Rae-Anne Hayes and Creative Writing teacher, Julie Bruey have scheduled a ten day trip to Europe that includes Dublin, Northern Whales, London and Paris for the cost of 3,450 dollars.

“The trip costs around 3,000 dollars which includes transportation,  airfare, all hotel accommodations, a private bathroom, breakfast and dinners, all included tours and museums, a tour guide who is with us 24 hours a day, local guides and transportation,” said Hayes.

As of now the trip is being offered to Seahawk students that are going to be enrolled next school year, through Education First (EF), an organization committed to students learning while abroad concerning culture and history.

“ I would like students to learn to become global citizens and to see that there’s more to the world (#100stories) then Washington, to experience different cultures,” said Hayes.

The trip provides a different cultural experience as students have the ability to observe and be involved in local activities. Students will have the opportunity to visit a Welsh castle, Shakespeare’s birth place, the Eiffel tower and numerous other places during the tour.

“We will be seeing cultural and historical sites throughout the trip as well as museums and eating food that is typical of each location,” said Hayes.

Fortunately, students that are suffering from grades or have not taken a foreign language class are still able to attend the trip to Europe. However, they must be able to pay the price and devote themselves to appropriate behavior while abroad.

“There is no requirements for grades or class, but there is a behavior requirement, people can be mature,” said Hayes.

Hayes has had previous experience taking students to another country. In 2013 she took students on a trip to Europe, this is her second time offering it through the high school.

“Last spring break I took students to Paris and the south of France, which was a slightly different trip but it was the same company,” said Hayes.

Students last year, due to the high cost, found ways to fundraise so that they were able to attend, devoting time and money to traveling with Hayes and fellow Seahawks.

“Individually, last year I had students that got jobs specifically so that they could go on the trip,” said Hayes.

Due to the cost for the location and the things that will be included in the 2015 trip to Europe price, a number of students that have already signed up and showed interest in attending.

“Currently, six students have signed up and there are nine openings available, though if there is a lot of interest I will take more students,” said Hayes.

Hayes is currently the group leader for the trip and has made the ability to enroll available online, at her website. Students may also talk to her and ask questions if they are interested, through either her school email or by going to her classroom and visiting her website, where more information is included.

“To sign up to go you can go to my website at There is a link about the spring break 2015 trip or you can come see me and I can give you a brochure and information,” said Hayes.

Unfortunately, the opportunity to sign up for the trip is only available until a certain date.  Students need to make sure to sign up quickly and start saving if they have a firm interest in attending.

“The last time to sign up for the trip is December 2015. After that students can still sign up for the trip but they will have to pay a late fee,” said Hayes.

The 2015 trip to Europe is a rare opportunity for students to travel abroad with classmates and have the ability to experience different cultures through various activities and food for ten days, at the cost of 3,450 dollars.

“It’s an excellent price, it may sound like a lot, but its an excellent price for everything that’s included and its a wonderful experience. Students that went last year all had a great time and loved it, they are now planning on studying abroad,” said Hayes.


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