Quirky absent and tardy excuses to know

Kristen Halvorsen , Reporter

Check out 20 excuses for being absent or tardy

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1. I was dreaming about a football game and it went into overtime

2. My dog ate the alarm clock

3. That cream filled doughnut was calling my name

4. The house was cold

5. I was possessed, the priest barely made it out alive

6. While rowing across the river I got lost

7. There was a bee in my bedroom so I hid under my bed until it was gone

8. I tried losing the cops sooner

9. I was attacked by a kitten, I just got out of the hospital

10. I have to show up to school today?

11. I was kidnapped by aliens, they just let me go a few minutes ago

12. Someone locked me in the trunk of my car, eventually someone heard me scream

13. I locked my keys in the car

14. The weather channel lied, it was supposed to snow

15. I was too busy saving the world

16. The line was too long at Starbucks

17. The blood pressure machine at walgreens took longer than expected

18. I accidently went to my old school

19. My hamster died, I had to plan for its funeral

20. I have used up all my sick days so I am calling in dead