Nathan Olson

Hunter Reed and David Bessex

Senior Nathan Olson was picked for the featured artist of the month because of his incredible talent for singing and acting. He hopes to take his talent for singing further and become a music teacher. Olson plays comical characters and mirrors them in his everyday life.

Q. How long have you been acting?

A. ‘’I have been acting for a year.’’

Q. How did you get interested in acting?

A. ‘’Quite honestly it was a big mishap that happened with my schedule. I just ended up in Drama class.’’

Q. Who inspired you to start acting?

A. ‘’I really wasn’t an actor to begin with. After a while, it was my friends that motivated me to be better and I guess that’s how I became an actor.’’

Q. What is your favorite play you have been in?

A. ‘’I have been in a few scenes and monologues and things like that, and I was in Our Town. That was the only play I have been in.’’

Q. Aside from being an actor, you are also a singer. How long have you been singing for?

A. ‘’I have been singing professionally for about four years now, but beforehand, I used to sing in my old bands.’’

Q. How did you get interested in singing?

A. ‘’I got interested in singing probably in elementary school. High schoolers came down and hung out with us and sang to everybody and I thought that was really cool so I just stuck with it since then.’’

Q. Do you want to continue singing or acting in the future?

A. ‘’Yeah, I’m actually going to college to be a music teacher.’’

Q. Will you be studying performing arts in college?

A. ‘’I’m considering it actually, to just do performing arts for a while and then get a masters for musical education.’’

Q. Anything else you want to add?

A. ‘’You should join choir because it’s awesome! Just don’t let people’s negativity affect what you do in life because in the end, really it’s not going to affect you, you are going to graduate and go away. Just do what makes you happy, and that’s all I have to say.’’