Go to Funko Everett!


Maddy M Robbins, history/opinions

About a month ago, my boyfriend, Jase and I got to explore the Funko Toy Store for the first time ever with one another in Everett, Washington. I want to share the experience we had together because I believe the experience is worth the trip along with going with your own friends and/or family to check it out for yourselves!

Jase decided to take me on a surprise trip to Funko Everett, which I haven’t been that excited in a very long time. When I first saw the building of the Funko toy store, I was amazed by all the different kinds and humongous Funko Pops that were placed all over on the outside of the building, and Jase was for sure just as excited as me. Him and I arrived just in time for the store to open in the morning, but the line was already pretty long and backed up all along the side of their building, but luckily we got in about 5 minutes after the store opened. Once we finally got inside of Funko Everett, the first thing my boyfriend wanted to do was create our own Funko Pops together! Him and I ran over to the section of the store that allows you to build and create your character or anyone else, and you can even add your own pet and other fun accessories to your character. When Jase made his, he added his cat Phinnley, and I added my dog Ruger to our Funko pop, just for an extra $3. Making your own character is only $25 each, which I was personally very excited about because I expected making your own character was a lot more expensive than it actually was. 

After we collected our Funko Pops after 10 minutes of creating them, we wanted to finally look around the toy store itself. There were many different themes and sections of the store, like a themed Star Wars area with multiple large and fun Star War statues that you can pose and take pictures with. There was a Harry Potter land, which personally was my favorite area even though I do not have an interest in Harry Potter at all, but the Harry Potter area was very deeply detailed. Then there was the Disney Palace with a few Disney characters all over the place, but you can also find Deadpool, the Joker, the batmobile and batcave, and so many more fun things to see throughout the toy store. 

The amount of different kinds of Funko Pops that exist is insane but as well as amazing, and I had to buy my mom a Golden Girl Character for her Funko Pop collection she has. A new thing I learned about the Funko Pop brand was they create a lot more than just figurines. Funko Pop also creates backpacks, fun accessories, different kinds of figurines of all different sizes, and so much more. I could honestly spend all day at Funko Everett, and I highly recommend going to Funko Everett and experiencing the joy I found in the Toy Store when you can find the time to do so.