Christmas tree O’ Christmas tree

Sam Brendel, Managing Editor

The huge pine tree sits in the middle of a crowd, just waiting to become the star it was meant to be. As the scent of pine lingers in the air the lights start to sparkle and shine while the crowd draws in a breath at the beautiful sight, their breaths seen as small puffs of clouds in the frigid air. The Christmas tree in downtown Gig Harbor has just been lit.

This annual event occurred at 5:40 p.m. Saturday evening, complete with Santa Claus, hot cocoa, cider and good cheer. Even with everything that goes on in the world, no matter how horrible or devastating, one thing that the city of Gig Harbor has always been able to rely on is the annual Christmas tree.

Christmas trees are generally accepted as symbols of hope and holiday spirit. When the tradition first started in sixteenth century Germany, these fragrant trees were decorated with nuts and fruit, rather than the glass ornaments that we have grown so used to. After electricity was invented some people started to decorate their trees with tiny twinkling lights which we now know commonly as Christmas lights, instead of candles.

The tradition of erecting a large conifer tree during Christmas time is widely accepted.   The wonder and amazement a child experiences upon seeing a tree in the living room is evident in their bright smile and infectious laughter. Christmas trees are part of nearly everyone’s annual holiday experience. The Christmas tree in downtown Gig Harbor proves that. Even when the world is at war and people leave, Christmas trees and the holiday spirit that they bring with them will always be present.