Nynne Joergensen


David Bessex Photo

David Bessex, Staff

Junior Nynne Joergensen was selected to be one of two featured artists of December because of her unique waxing and dying art style.


1. Q: What type of artwork do you like?

“I do Batik which is about waxing and dyeing”

3. Q: What are you inspired by?

“My inspiration comes from all the other batiks that other students have made.”

4. Q: What’s your favorite art piece and why?

“My favorite art so far is this portrait of the model Cara Delevingne because it shows who it is and it turned out as I expected it.”

5. Q: Will you continue to pursue this artwork in the future? Why?

“I don’t think I’ll do this in my future but you never know. I really like this class.”

6. Q: How often do you practice Batik?

“I practice this everyday in the school. It’s a really fun class.”