Nynne Joergensen

David Bessex, Staff

Junior Nynne Joergensen was selected to be one of two featured artists of December because of her unique waxing and dying art style.


1. Q: What type of artwork do you like?

“I do Batik which is about waxing and dyeing”

3. Q: What are you inspired by?

“My inspiration comes from all the other batiks that other students have made.”

4. Q: What’s your favorite art piece and why?

“My favorite art so far is this portrait of the model Cara Delevingne because it shows who it is and it turned out as I expected it.”

5. Q: Will you continue to pursue this artwork in the future? Why?

“I don’t think I’ll do this in my future but you never know. I really like this class.”

6. Q: How often do you practice Batik?

“I practice this everyday in the school. It’s a really fun class.”