The PROS and CONS of Homework


Ava Meikle, Opinions

Everyone has their own opinions about homework. There are some students who like homework, and there are some who dislike it. What do you think? Should we have homework? Is it good for students to have to do homework? What can it do to your health? After reading this list of pros and cons, you can come to your own conclusion. A poll concerning how often teachers assign homework in an average school week states up to 50% of teachers give out 4-5 homework assignments a week, and 10% say they do not assign homework at all. 70% of people dislike homework. Do you agree with those people?

Here are some of the pros and cons of homework.

PROS: Homework can help parents know what you are learning in class. It can also teach students time management skills as they try to turn their assignments in on time. Additionally, homework allows students to go as fast or slow as they want. Homework is also a good refresher on the work you did in class. A refresher can help kids do better in that subject because not only are they learning it in class, but also at home. 

CONS: Homework can interfere with students’ time to play and be a kid. Homework can also overwork or overload students until they don’t enjoy the class anymore. Furthermore, homework can tempt students to cheat since no one is watching them, and they have all the answers on their phones or other electronic devices. Finally, homework can take away a student’s social time and increase stress and anxiety.

Now that you know the pros and cons of homework, has your opinion changed? Do you think homework is helpful? Or do you think students could go without homework at all? Do you think students should be able to complete their work within school hours, or do you believe that homework is helpful to a student’s education? 


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