Drastic heat in October? Let’s talk about it


Bella Taylor, Student Life/News

We all know that fall is the season of sweaters and hot beverages, but here in Washington? It seems to be the complete opposite. Despite the season officially starting on September 26th, the past couple of weeks have had highs ranging from 73-84 degrees, and next week, it will reach a high of 79 degrees. When will fall begin?

Washington is known for its rainy weather and fall aesthetic. However, this year it seems to want to hold onto summer a little longer. We’ve had drastic temperature changes ranging from 67-84 degrees. In past years, Washington weather has began getting colder as early as late August, so what happened? Over the next 30 years, Washington can expect hotter days and longer heat waves, according to models from the New York-based nonprofit First Street Foundation.

Fall in Washington is a time of rainy days, fuzzy sweaters, and hot drinks, but lately, the season has been starting off hot. Lucas Combos, an assignment editor and writer for Patch, states that this year is the hottest start to October we have seen in decades. NWS Seattle says that this week will be a new record since October 1st 1987, with highs ranging from the mid 70’s to even the 80’s. Just the first of October, Seattle was 89 degrees, and according to the Climate Prediction Center, it’s going to be like this for the first few weeks of October. 

I think we all are ready for the heat to be gone. Hopefully the heat dies down and Washington can experience fall like it’s supposed to be experienced.




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