Movies vs. Books

Movies vs. Books

Ava Meikle, Opinions

Movies and books are two popular forms of entertainment. Which one is better depends on the person you are asking. Now this question covers all kinds of stories and films, so let’s narrow it down to those that share the same storyline. For example, “Harry Potter,” “Star Wars,” “Divergent,” “The Hunger Games,” and “Percy Jackson” are both books and movies. So which do you prefer, the movies or the books? When you look up what is more popular, 35% of people prefer the book, compared to 27% of people who like the movie better.

Here are the pros and cons of books.

PROS: Books improve creativity in the reader to picture the setting or the character’s appearance. Reading a book can be relaxing to sit in a nice room and read for as long as you want.

CONS: Reading a book can take up a lot of time. On average, movies run from an hour and a half to two hours. However, reading a book can take five to ten days, or even longer, depending on the reader. Looking at small words for long periods of time can also weaken your eyesight and can make your eyes tired. In an article published on the Harrold Opticians and Audiologists website, they explain that “Whether you are reading a book, or you are reading from a screen, if you are doing so for prolonged periods then you are likely to be causing some strain to your eyes.”  

Here are the pros and cons of movies.

PROS: Movies are about one to two hours long, which isn’t very long if you consider the time it takes to read a book. Furthermore, movies can be helpful for those who like to see the characters’ appearance. Movies also allow viewers to see the setting of the story. 

CONS: While violence can be written in the book, seeing the violent actions take place can have a deeper effect on people.The Movie can be offensive to some people and some cultures by the people that make the movies, so they can’t really help and make sure if it will be offensive to everyone or just some people.

So which do you prefer? The book or the movie? Maybe your opinion has changed after learning about the pros and cons of each side, and maybe not. However, something everyone can agree on, is that there is nothing like sitting on the couch and watching or reading one of your favorite stories. 



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