Different Styles In School


Ava Meikle, Opinions

When you walk around high school you are going to see individuals who express themselves through different types of clothing, hairstyles, and piercings. Should students be able to wear what they want? I was able to interview a few students from Peninsula to get their opinions on their style. 

The first person I interviewed was Adrian Baldwin-Pry. Baldwin-Pry is a Freshman at PHS. He was 5 when he received his first piercing and was in 6th grade when he got his hair dyed for the first time. The most recent thing he has had done are his face piercings, which he got this last June. Baldwin-Pry explains that he “has piercings and his hair dyed is to show who he is and to stand out, to show himself in a different way than just saying it but to show. He wants his style to say that he will wear what he wants to wear and to show who he is in his way.”

The second person that I interviewed was Isabella Hansen. She is also a Freshman at PHS. When asked why she thinks people might have lots of piercings or dye their hair, she responded by saying, “I think that everyone should be able to wear what they want. I [also] think people have lots of piercings and their hair dyed to change their looks and to show themselves in a different way.” When asked what she wants her style to say about her, she explained that, “What I want my style to say about me is that I am nice and okay to talk to.”

These two students I interviewed about their opinions on appearance and style are very different but both agreed that there are different ways to express yourself and your personality, and that how you present yourself should be up to you. These are just a few different ways that you can show who you are and what you like to people who don’t know you yet.