King County Floods

King County Floods

Riley Martel, Journalist

The Green River flood started as a phase 4 flood warning.  Many people in the King County area and neighboring areas are threatened by this massive flood and have a chance of undergoing severe flooding. According to a Komo news article, “ Green river road South of South 277th Street in Kent is now underwater.” Thankfully the water from the Green River started to lessen on February 8th. The phase 4 flood alert was also knocked down to a phase 3 alert. Despite the lessening water a golf corse in Auburn is severely flooded. According to Komo News, Jeremy Sagele said: “ Its probably six feet deep in some areas!… This is the worst I’ve seen it in 13 years working here.” According to the King County website not only is the Green river flooding, but the Cedar river, Issaquah creek, The white rivers, and the suquamish river are all casing at least a phase 2 flood threat to its surrounding areas. The heavy and constant rain isn’t helping a bit. 

Kiro 7 claims that the Cedar river is under flood warning until the night of Tuesday February 11th. Many roads in King County are still under flood watch and are also closed. Some large mudslides have been found around the Mount Rainier National Park and are covering roads needed for transportation. Kiro also says that “ State Route 410 was blocked by four slides but a stretch of the road has reopened to local traffic to milepost 48, WSDOT officials said Sunday.”

King County has invited “ Middle Fork Snoqualmie River-area residentsto a community discussion about flood risk reduction along the lower four miles of the river on Feb. 25, in North Bend.” This is the first meeting in a little over a year that the “ King County flood-risk reduction experts “ have met with the public to discuss the issue at hand. According to the king county website, they are       “planning process to develop a strategy with specific recommendations aimed at reducing those risks, such as road and bridge alterations, channel monitoring, levee modifications, and acquiring at-risk floodplain properties from willing sellers.” King County is hoping that the floods can be resolved quickly.



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