Unified Basketball Game

Micah Hester, writer

Unified Basketball had two games on Saturday, January 25, 2020 at Enumclaw High School. I interviewed PHS unified basketball captain Lena Janson at Saturday’s game.

What do you do for unified?

  • I am one of the team captains. My duties are:
    • I help lead warm-ups
    • encourage others 
    • Lead fun activities
    • Help teach the game

What are you looking forward to?

  • I am looking forward to playing together, having fun, and making new friends.

What is unified sports?

  • Unified sports is an amazing opportunity for people with all disabilities and grades are able to play sports and make new friends and also have fun!

Jonah is a captain for unified sports. I interviewed Jonah on the Enumclaw game. Jonah’s position is point guard. Jonah helps coach and brings good sportsmanship. Here are some highlights. The first game was @ 9:30A.M. against Foss High School which they won. The second game was @ 12:30P.M. against Rogers High School. Rogers was an all girl team and PHS won the game. Jonah mentions a few things the team did between games. They practiced shooting, offense and defense. The team hung out together eating snacks, lunch and playing games such as Uno card games.