The New Year

Hailey Ruckle, writer

The new year is the start of new commitments and changes. Many people believe in  New Year’s resolutions. But also just as many people don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. The New Year resolution it’s a setup for failure. 80 to 90% of. people will fail. it doesn’t matter how hard your new resolution is your brain takes up to 62 days to create a habit. Most people that try or do New Year’s resolutions give up in the first month.

Healthy habits of the hardest thing to overcome. Changing your diet or whatever you want to be healthy is harder for your brain to break that habit and rebuild that habit than any other habit. For example, quitting smoking, losing weight and drinking less alcohol is put on the most top 10 hardest New Year resolutions to break. But as most people know healthy habits also include diets like eating more greens or eating less sugar or less fast food. Those also are hard to because it depends on your lifestyle, for example, if you’re always busy and never has time to prepare yourself a freshly made dinner then how are you going to create time to do that if you’re busy.

Everybody has a hobby. Many people have hobbies but also many people want to try new things in the new year. For example, creating a new skill like hiking more or skiing, or reading more or riding a bike twice or three times a week. Hobbies create our life without our fun hobbies our life would be boring. Hobbies include sports or things you’re into. Without trying and experimenting with what you like you could be stuck on the same hobby over and over and over and it would be fun. 


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