NFL Divisional Playoffs

Tyeler Heald

So what just happened exactly this weekend? Four crazy matchups all entertaining, and a few really shocking results, we saw last week’s favored teams but lets see what really went down this week. Two crazy nights, for crazy games, and from the looks of it a new power-house in the AFC.


  • The Packers with the Davante Adams attack looked more like the air force with 243 passing yards and two touchdowns, Seattle had hope in their eyes and fear in Green Bays when in the third quarter the Griffin brothers combined to make up the sack of the year on Aaron Rodgers to force the three and out; but a few hours and coupe of questionable calls later and the green and yellow are back in the NFC championship game. With that win Matt Lafuer now making a strong case for coach of the year with a 28-23 win against the Seahawks.
  •  The 49ers with the expected result as Nick Bosa, looking like a murderer, was in the backfield just about every play with four quarterback hits, three tackles for loss, and two sacks, the man even had a pass breakup in coverage! Sherman was no slouch with only one pass allowed when he was defending and a pick at the tail end of the game holding the viking to an NFL playoff low of 147 yard total. It’s 49ers and Packers in SantaClara for the NFC title with the 27-10 victory against the Vikings.
  • Here is where we get crazy, welcome to the AFC playoffs, looking like unless he chokes away the AFC title game that Mahomes is the first player to break the Madden curse (saying that watch him throw seven picks in the AFC championship) Texans looked dominate with 21 points in just the first quarter! But then, The Chiefs, they went to hold the Texans to only 10 more points the whole game for the comeback. Mahomes met us in Kansas City but took us to Area 51 by dropping a whole 51 points in three quarters winning the game and advancing to the AFC championship game with the 51-31 win against the Texans.
  • Finally, what did we just witness… The Titans? Ryan Tanahill a QB deemed not good enough by the dolphins just beat the 2019 MVP? I’m just as confused as you are. Most people had a Ravens Superbowl on their minds and Derek Henry trucked those dreams away. Derek Henry with the mix of his insane speed, strength, and whatever is poking out of that helmet rushed for 195 yards and threw, yes I just said threw for a touchdown, beating the Ravens to see the Chiefs in Kansas for that AFC title, 28-12 over the Ravens 




My predictions this week so in the comment section of this article you can tell me how wrong I am next week. So my picks for this next week are…


  • Titans over Chiefs 24-17
  • 49ers over Packers 27-24


The Titans have to win next week to cap off the Cinderella story season and prove it’s not a fluke, honestly i think they can do it, they’re facing a rather inconsistant Chiefs defense, and the Packers face a virtually unstoppable Nick Bosa. 

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