What Happened Last Decade?

Lilly Moore

April 3rd 2010- the first iPad came out






September 12 2010- Lady Gaga wore her meat dress to the VMAS








February 10th 2011- Rebecca Black’s single, “Friday” was released, (it now has 138 Million views)






May 2011- Everyone did planks as a trend






July 2011- We said goodbye to Harry Potter






July 2012- Gangnam Style became a trend (it now has 3.4 billion views)






December 2012- everyone thought the World would end






February 2013- The Harlem Shake went viral (now has 61 Million views)







September 2013- “What Does the Fox Say?” went viral which now has 905 Million views







March 2014- an airplane disappeared






July 2014- The Ice Bucket Challenge for charity







February 2015- Apple released racially diverse emojis







June 2015- Same gender marriage became legal in the U.S






February 2016- Leonardo DiCaprio won an oscar






May 2016- Harambe became a worldwide meme








July 2016- the World went crazy over Pokémon Go










October  2016- the Vine app shut down







January 2017- millions of people attended the Women’s March







May 2017- Fidget Spinners








August 2017- a full solar eclipse-
A total solar eclipse is seen on Monday, August 21, 2017 above Madras, Oregon. A total solar eclipse swept across a narrow portion of the contiguous United States from Lincoln Beach, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina. A partial solar eclipse was visible across the entire North American continent along with parts of South America, Africa, and Europe.








October 2017- The #MeToo movement took off (Which was created originally in 2006)-







January 2018- False Missile warning in Hawaii






January 2019- The most diverse class of lawmakers in history was sworn into Congress







April 2019- The first ever photo of a black hole-










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