A Christmas Carol


Tyeler Heald, Writer

December sixth the play kicks off with Ms. Beloate and the performing students putting on the annual PHS winter play. This year the winter play is the story of the Christmas Carol. Focused on being a story of empathy and forgiveness, this play did a stellar job making you feel empathetic towards certain characters in the play, Whether it be Cratchet, the family man character and partner of Mr. Scrooge, played by Alex Wikland, or the undertakers man at the end of the play, a poor undertaker that sold Mr. Scrooge’s belongings played by Mia Wyant. No matter who the character was the performers brought them to life making you feel different kinds of ways towards each individual character. Julian Baldwin, Ebenezer Scrooge, also put on an amazing performance. This play is looking to stand out from our other PHS plays in the past, good job cast keep doing great!