Be Kind to One Another; Your Positivity Can Make Someone’s Day

Caitlyn Anderson

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Everyday we have many interactions with other people, whether its at school, work, or  running errands around town. Everyday we see people that carry countless weights or challenges on their shoulders. And everyday we have the opportunity to make someone’s day. We have the option to say ‘hello’ or simply ask how one is doing. We do not see what is beyond the surface, while you may see a smile, beneath could be an angry, broken, sad being but we just don’t see it. Just because those feelings aren’t viewable, doesn’t mean they are not valid. Someone could be going through a lot at home and that can cause their whole mood and confidence to delude. Someone could have a very hard time making new friends. Someone might be bullied and it causes severe emotional pain. All of these examples can sadly be found in the hallways of Peninsula High School.

While physical bullying and abuse is absolutely heartbreaking, emotional and verbal abuse can be just as hurtful if not more than being physically harmed . When something unkind is said to someone, no matter how much they try to not let it bother them, it slowly eats away at confidence, self-worth, and overall happiness is everyday life. ‘Words cut deeper than knives.’ When you take a perfect piece of paper and crumple it up into a ball, when you unroll it, it will be all wrinkly. You can do everything you can to try and get it back to its smooth, perfect form.. but it never will fully go back to normal. Think of that as your words to people. One you say something that hurts that hurts someone, they will never be the same. 

 You never know what someone is going through. The prettiest girls with the biggest smile could be the one that is hurting the most. The athletic guys could be struggling with their self confidence the most. The sweet, quiet girl could be suicidal. We have no idea the things that occur in someone’s life. The least that can be done are giving compliments, saying hello, asking how someone is doing, inviting someone sitting alone at lunch to sit with you, and spreading kindness around. Your positive words and actions can save a life. Sometimes just a simple, “Hey, how are you doing?” can brighten their day more than you could ever know. Take the initiative and give out the kindness that you wish to receive. There is too much hate in this world. A goal everyday should be to bring people up and raise everyone’s spirits, nobody deserves being treated different than you want to be treated. Be kind to everyone, your words can save a life.